Friday, August 19, 2016

My Spirit Animal Is A Unicorn

Hello readers! Hope I have caught you at a wonderful time during your day/night. It has been quite some time (again) since my last post. Things have been running pretty smooth and hectic, but a good hectic, this week. I'm enjoying and adjusting to changes that this new school year has brought. Sometimes you just have to go all in and pray you will not loose site of your goals. And if you have a unicorn as your spirit animal then all will be okay. 

This morning I magically rose from a good nights rest filled with such good energy. It must have been that unicorn in me. Haha! My brain was already filling with things I wanted to do for the day and sadly that included adulting. I watched the birds and embraced the quietness before getting out of bed. It's so darn peaceful! My new habits include getting out to run and eating a healthy breakfast. I've included making time to sit with my art journal and create. 

It sounds so easy to get up, run, eat and make art. In reality, it has taken a lot of change in my lifestyle and how I treat my body. Being able to create with a clearer mind has been something I've noticed immediately. I think also surrounding yourself with positive energy and channeling your thoughts in the right direction is very very helpful. The first hour and half of energizing warm ups prepares me with an hour or so of painting (or doodling, making greeting cards). With no expectations or pressure to even finish a journal spread, I picked up the nearest piece of junk mail. Here is the end result:

Who could resist a unicorn?! Funny story, the day before I had mentioned unicorns. While flipping through a magazine I came across this saying and looking right at me was this unicorn. Perfect!!! I literally laughed out loud! When you speak of it, it will come. 

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