Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Latest Card Creation

A birthday card for a special mom. 

Last week I was asked to make a birthday card for a coworkers mother. I knew that this was going to be just what I need to get back in the paper crafting groove. What amazed me most was how fast I was able to get the layout done. It's seems like my creative flow is not lost. Well, it's just been channeled into paints. 

Very happy with the finished card and how simple and beautiful it looks. It does have that shabby chic feel as well. My crafting cart is still set up to create another. And as I type this I'm about to jump off my chair and run home to do just that. I mean, laundry can always wait. Have a fabulous day! 


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Watercolor Week 6: The Last Day But Only The Beginning

 The last day of watercolor class has come. This post was meant for the end of summer but somehow was lost in the mess. 
Continuing with the last class meet up, I worked on the tulip and learned how to work in sections. It's important to plan out what areas need to be painted to avoid paints blending together. I loved how everything flowed. 
Each petal testing me and tried to outdo the other. One petal formed so easily while the other makes you want throw paint. Have you ever been in that situation? No one ever want to work together. But that's what I love about art. It always pushes you to the end. 
The stem was by far the hardest. As you can see it was not completed. I had to go back and erase all the paint that ad been laid down. It just wasn't working out. Tell me how you cope with getting through things like this? I had to step away because I feared that the paper would be overworked. Everything else around the stem looked so beautiful. 

The stem of the tulip was left to dry. I couldn't add another layer with all the frustration built up. 
Like in life, you sometimes need to just breathe. A good 10 minutes of fresh air and deep breathing does wonders.

The last assignment of our watercolor adventures. Drew up a toucan and added the first layers of paint. I haven't gone back to complete this painting. I'm excited to get back and finish it though.
This class was so much fun! I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm so happy that I decided to take the class. Our teacher was so patient and helpful with all the questions we asked. My fellow painters were the best!
Our little group stemmed from a bi-weekly art meet up. Slowly we grew into a large fun group of art loving people. Grateful for them all. I don't even want to think of where be without this group. 8 months ago I googled "art groups" in my area. I was lead to a local meet up group and with pushing the fear aside I signed up. I had no idea what would come but I was so excited. 
Have you ever met people or gone to a place and immediately felt at home? Your happy and feel safe? I felt exactly that when I went to the art studio. Everyone understood what I talked about. We could make corny art jokes or be "weird" and no one said a thing. By the time it ended I was filled with energy, positivity, motivation and a comfor of being home. I knew this place was where I was suppose to be.
The months have quickly passed on by and I have continued with the art meet ups. I'm pretty sure I won't be leaving them anytime soon. They motivate me. They inspire. They accept. 


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Watercolor Week 4: More Sea Salt and Tulips

Week 4! Returned back to class to see how bright the background looked. I've learned that dry time is so important. You must be patient and let the piece dry before working on another part of your painting. Reason being, the colors will bleed into the first painted layer causing it to be ruined. On the other hand, you must work fast. If your wet brushing, it's important you get the color down before the surface drys. Work fast and slow, balance. 

The last class ended with having had the background finished and the bubbles were unpainted. We used the same wet brushing technique to fill the bubbles. I absolutely love the way the colors instantly blend together. It's like they were given the green light to run free. The first layer was light and so I worked in a few layers before walking away. The last part will be to clean up the edges and blend them into the background. I'm loving this piece so far! 

Second layer of the sunset. The colors are intensified and look a little better in the blending department. I didn't work much on this piece for week 4. 

The 3rd assignment was to draw and paint this beautiful tulip. I chose a light but bright background to balance out the color of the tulip. Decided to stick with the wet brush technique and the blending was a lot more easier with practice. It's so calming to sit and watch paint blend together. I'm always amazed at what paint can do and the direction it decides to flow. 

Once the colors were done mingling salt was added to the wet surface. This is where magic happens! I still can't get over this amazing technique! The photo below is the end result of what magic I'm talking about. It reminded me of a shower curtain or a silk scarve. So feminine and welcoming. I had no idea this was going to be the end result. Leaving class that day was like walking on clouds. So much ideas and motivation installed in me. 

And so the day ended with 3 beautiful unfinished pieces. Looking down at them has really opened a new door in my art world. I've come to understand and respect watercolor a lot more. 


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Watercolor Week 3: bubbles, Sea Salt and Sunsets

The class prior to this we learned to wet and dry brush. I was so excited to get started on the new lesson. The top left corner was the one I think we were all excited to start on. In my mind all I kept thinking was how did she (our teacher) make those bubbles? So clean and bright. I had to get in on this technique!

Bubbles! By far the best lesson! As I go through these lessons I have ideas floating in my mind. Potential greeting cards? Using the same technique of dry brushing and sea salt would make for beautiful backgrounds. 

So you ask, sea salt? Yes. Remember how cool it was to watch crayons melt? This is just as exciting! The process went like this: wet brushed the background excluding the bubbles. When the surface is still wet we added paint. Dabs here and there, overlapping, tilting the board so colors can run and so on. Once satisfaction was met we added little grains of sea salt to the wet surface. I let a few drops of water fall onto the paper as it slacked up and spread the colors. 

The start of a sunset. I'm in love with blue! You can see with the bubbles I tried to use blue any chance I got. You have to be fast with watercolor. I find myself starting to think too much that by the time I put paint down the paper is dry. Not good when your working with a wet surface. The paint doesn't move and gaps or rough edges will start to form. Also getting the right thickness of paint is important. You want to colors to be bright. The first go around I had really light colors that it took another layer to bring color to life. So far I think I'm on the right track. Must continue to learn and work watercolor speed. 


Monday, July 13, 2015

Watercolor Week 2: Learning to paint


The second week of my first watercolor class has just passed. I have to 
admit it's one of the toughest mediums to work with. You must have the 
right amount of paint and water to get the flow right. Practice sheets are
a must for me and have come in handy more then once. 

The learning process has been quite interesting. Working with acrylic paint I found that with watercolor you don't need to load your brush as much. It does take time for the painting to dry and layers to bring life to your piece. I'm loving the challenge it has brought. It make me appreciate the process even more. 


Friday, July 10, 2015

What Matters?

What matters is knowing when the light is dim.
What matters is acknowledging and accepting.
What matters is listening.

What matters is, I know when I am unbalance.
What matters is, I know the ingredients needed. 
What matters is, I write.


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Draw Your Words: Back To The Basics

Day 1 of Draw Your Words hosted by Daisy Yellow

A while back I had purchased two new Zebra pens at Daiso. I have this instant attraction to the pen and paper aisles. Go figure. My obsession for pens has been with me since I was a young gal. Two in particular, Le Pen and Gelly Roll pens. It wasn't until I started art journaling that I discovered PITT Pens. Swoon! 

Fast forward to last week. I had finally decided I wanted to sit and test out these delicious pens. While reading blogs I came across a post by Daisy Yellow (daisyyellowart.com). That very day was the start of her free workshop called Draw Your Words. Can you say perfect timing? Waste no time I hopped on over to her blog and got the first lesson. 

We went way back to the of learning to write the alphabet. How fun and challenging can this be? I'm not sure how many times I sang the alphabet song. Stopping a few times starring at the letters to make sure they were in the right order. Try writing cursive or in tall block letters. How about quick and in small text? Soon I started to look at receipts, newspapers, magazines and books. Recognizing different styles and gathering ideas. 

The left side I used a BIC Grip Roller, Pental pen, Le Pen, red calligraphy pen and different sizes of the PITT Pen family (S,M,B). The right side was strictly used to test the new Zebra pens. It brought awareness to the basics. I wanted to write " p,q,r,s,t,u" over and over in cursive. It has a nice flow and singing it is even more fun. Haha the joy of letters! 

Give it to the alphabet to bring out the kid in myself! Practice!


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Day 2: 20 Minutes To Draw

Where are you taking me?

Another 20 minutes of drawing led to about 45 minutes of layering. Organic leaves found themselves taking over the pages. Like writing in cursive, each one flowed so easily without me having to lift my hand. These and similar leaves/petals have been showing up in my drawings lately. I'm not sure what they mean or where they are taking me. I am allowing them in with open arms. 


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Day 1: 20 Minutes To Flow

20 Minutes
Blocks of time set out to draw. Forces me to concentrate on what I'm doing and block out all that surrounds me. No plan or expectation. As long as I draw for 20 minutes I am content.

Paper and a choice of medium. 
Nothing more.


Challenges and Belief

Believe In Thyself

Challenges and belief go hand in hand. I've learned that without believing in myself I won't conquer the challenges put before me. It's been months since I posted here or finished (usually start but don't finish) an actual art project. My energy wasn't there and I soon started to feel like I was drifting away. It's one of the feelings I never wanted to feel. A recent conversation with a friend had my wheels turning and my emotions flowing. I knew I was capable of creating great things but I needed that extra push. 

Yesterday I sat with a warm cup of tea and jumped online to look up new greeting card layouts. The list was endless and my goodness the talent! It's was all so inspiring! A specific card brought me back to the photo above. It wasn't the layout that caught my eye but the paper that was used. I had used the same paper on a challenging project! Memories came rushing back...

Last summer a good friend of mine asked if I would be able to make 30 baby shower invitations. At first I was shocked (more like what?! Really?!) to be asked to do such a thing for an important party. Then my doubt set in and I thought, could I even do this? As we talked more I realized something. Doubt has always been a devil on my shoulder. To hear another person tell me they believe in me gave me confidence. Wow, a stack of cards?! Challenge accepted!. 

The whole process was fairly new to me. I sat for hours looking up ideas and searching for baby items. Why is it that when your looking for certain items you can't find them? It took some time and plenty of goof ups but I settled on one layout. The assembly line formed and I was a mad women stacking invitations. 

The feeling was such joy and happiness. It was exactly what I wanted to be doing! I've learned a great deal as I sat at my craft table day in and day out. Time is precious and being 100% every day is important. I can't show up not wanting to create or else nothing will get done. All meals must be prepped or hire a chef haha joking! Cooking and creating at the same time can be tough. All in all it worked out and everyone was happy with the outcome. 

A little surgery to the "Thank You" stamp to get it to curve.

Hand cut every little onesie. Attention to detail and perfection set in..

Next up! Information sheets cut and placed inside of card.

One of the late nights at the craft cart.

The end result!
Piece by piece, day by day.
Never let doubt take over.

xo - Starlynn

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Embrace The Moment

Life, Health and Happiness

A warm January day, the first Monday of the new year. I found myself taking a detour to a nearby park. The Fall leaves blanketed the ground and new signs of life peeked through the rubbish. It felt so long ago that I stepped onto a trail. We survived a drought in our area and my heart filled with joy seeing everything come to life. It gave me time to embrace everything around me. The daily lives of the squirrels and birds went on right in front of my eyes as if I didn't exist. It was beautiful.

My mind was able to relax and my breathing slowed as I finally felt I could just be. It was one of those moments. The stress, questions and thoughts clouding my mind were magically put aside. That's what nature does. It gives you a new way of looking at the world we rush through every day. It centers you. 

Things work in mysterious ways. By taking that detour new things were discovered and my whole mood shifted. Instead of sitting on the bench, I crossed the bridge. At the end of the bridge were tall beautiful trees, large well lived tree trunks, a playground and a background filled with green. I've never knew the park extended this far! I discovered trails going to the left and right, interesting bbq grills and hexagon shaped picnic table. Pebbles and twigs left by another visitor. Perhaps they were gifts from a child to a loved one. Stories of which could be real or silly little stories made up on such discoveries. 

We rush to and from every day. We forget to slow down and when we do it's only to sleep. We live without living and realize when it's too late. I know this is true for myself. A whole year just swept on by. A whole year! 

As I sat on the log I told myself it's a new day to start. I'm grateful to be given this day. I'm ready. I'm determined. I want this. 

Bloom where you are planted.
Up close and personal with new growth.
We pass by beauty everyday without know it. We forget to look down and up.
A place to rest. A place to meditate. A place to observe.
Finding shape and found treasure on picnic tables.
Age at it's best.
A road without a bump (in this case, a big tree) in the road is not a path. Well in my book.

Embracing life

xo Starlynn

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