Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Draw Your Words: Back To The Basics

Day 1 of Draw Your Words hosted by Daisy Yellow

A while back I had purchased two new Zebra pens at Daiso. I have this instant attraction to the pen and paper aisles. Go figure. My obsession for pens has been with me since I was a young gal. Two in particular, Le Pen and Gelly Roll pens. It wasn't until I started art journaling that I discovered PITT Pens. Swoon! 

Fast forward to last week. I had finally decided I wanted to sit and test out these delicious pens. While reading blogs I came across a post by Daisy Yellow ( That very day was the start of her free workshop called Draw Your Words. Can you say perfect timing? Waste no time I hopped on over to her blog and got the first lesson. 

We went way back to the of learning to write the alphabet. How fun and challenging can this be? I'm not sure how many times I sang the alphabet song. Stopping a few times starring at the letters to make sure they were in the right order. Try writing cursive or in tall block letters. How about quick and in small text? Soon I started to look at receipts, newspapers, magazines and books. Recognizing different styles and gathering ideas. 

The left side I used a BIC Grip Roller, Pental pen, Le Pen, red calligraphy pen and different sizes of the PITT Pen family (S,M,B). The right side was strictly used to test the new Zebra pens. It brought awareness to the basics. I wanted to write " p,q,r,s,t,u" over and over in cursive. It has a nice flow and singing it is even more fun. Haha the joy of letters! 

Give it to the alphabet to bring out the kid in myself! Practice!


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Day 2: 20 Minutes To Draw

Where are you taking me?

Another 20 minutes of drawing led to about 45 minutes of layering. Organic leaves found themselves taking over the pages. Like writing in cursive, each one flowed so easily without me having to lift my hand. These and similar leaves/petals have been showing up in my drawings lately. I'm not sure what they mean or where they are taking me. I am allowing them in with open arms. 


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Day 1: 20 Minutes To Flow

20 Minutes
Blocks of time set out to draw. Forces me to concentrate on what I'm doing and block out all that surrounds me. No plan or expectation. As long as I draw for 20 minutes I am content.

Paper and a choice of medium. 
Nothing more.


Challenges and Belief

Believe In Thyself

Challenges and belief go hand in hand. I've learned that without believing in myself I won't conquer the challenges put before me. It's been months since I posted here or finished (usually start but don't finish) an actual art project. My energy wasn't there and I soon started to feel like I was drifting away. It's one of the feelings I never wanted to feel. A recent conversation with a friend had my wheels turning and my emotions flowing. I knew I was capable of creating great things but I needed that extra push. 

Yesterday I sat with a warm cup of tea and jumped online to look up new greeting card layouts. The list was endless and my goodness the talent! It's was all so inspiring! A specific card brought me back to the photo above. It wasn't the layout that caught my eye but the paper that was used. I had used the same paper on a challenging project! Memories came rushing back...

Last summer a good friend of mine asked if I would be able to make 30 baby shower invitations. At first I was shocked (more like what?! Really?!) to be asked to do such a thing for an important party. Then my doubt set in and I thought, could I even do this? As we talked more I realized something. Doubt has always been a devil on my shoulder. To hear another person tell me they believe in me gave me confidence. Wow, a stack of cards?! Challenge accepted!. 

The whole process was fairly new to me. I sat for hours looking up ideas and searching for baby items. Why is it that when your looking for certain items you can't find them? It took some time and plenty of goof ups but I settled on one layout. The assembly line formed and I was a mad women stacking invitations. 

The feeling was such joy and happiness. It was exactly what I wanted to be doing! I've learned a great deal as I sat at my craft table day in and day out. Time is precious and being 100% every day is important. I can't show up not wanting to create or else nothing will get done. All meals must be prepped or hire a chef haha joking! Cooking and creating at the same time can be tough. All in all it worked out and everyone was happy with the outcome. 

A little surgery to the "Thank You" stamp to get it to curve.

Hand cut every little onesie. Attention to detail and perfection set in..

Next up! Information sheets cut and placed inside of card.

One of the late nights at the craft cart.

The end result!
Piece by piece, day by day.
Never let doubt take over.

xo - Starlynn

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