Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Elves Are Here!

Holiday Greeting Cards

Scrapbook paper, paper flowers, embossing, ribbon and pearls.
The busiest time of the year has arrived and the elves are hard at work. Well ok, their really is only one elf. Betcha didn't know that this elf makes handmade greeting cards as well. It's a hobby that has grown and now (jokingly) considered a hoarder of scrapbook/crafting supplies by my friends. I'm in denial and if I use them daily then I'm fine, right? I'll share the journey and early photos of my handmade greeting cards in a later blog post. For now I'll let you have a peek at the card stack.

The above photo is of the first three cards made for 2014. I tried a new layout (top card with poinsettia and deer) taken from a card maker magazine. With the added ribbon and tilt of the sentiment it became a present. End result is two thumbs up! The bright cheerful card to the left was fun. A lot of cutting, measuring and paper choices. Color combo was on par and will be revisiting that idea again. The third card had me giggling. Absolutely LOVE how beautiful the outcome was. As you can see (below) I loved it so much I made a billion more.

Gold embossed trees on textured cardstock.
Their has been something about gold that has caught my eye this season. It's been showing up in my wardrobe and card layouts lately. Pair gold (embossing powder) with pretty solid cardstock and you got a simple elegant card. I'm going to run with this gold loving idea until I run out of supplies. Have a lovely day!

xo Starlynn

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