Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Precious Sticks Of Color: Drawing Faces

Reconnecting With Soft Pastels

Sketching with vine charcoal
After spending time with oil pastels I decided to dip back into soft pastels. I have to admit they are my favorite medium to draw with. Funny though, they haven't seen much sun the last year. My collection has been precious to me and a lot having to do with the money I put into building a good set. They have been kept closed and untouched waiting for that special drawing. A drawing that wouldn't just sit in a sketch book but would be a masterpiece selling for major bucks. Yeah, pretty silly. 

 Since stepping foot back into the drawing world I realized something. I'm hoarding these amazing sticks that could be put to good use making masterpieces in my sketch book. Who cares if no one ever sees them. What am I waiting for?! What are you waiting for?

She's not complete on the outside but I see how content she's become inside.

xo Starlynn

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