Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Watercolor Week 3: bubbles, Sea Salt and Sunsets

The class prior to this we learned to wet and dry brush. I was so excited to get started on the new lesson. The top left corner was the one I think we were all excited to start on. In my mind all I kept thinking was how did she (our teacher) make those bubbles? So clean and bright. I had to get in on this technique!

Bubbles! By far the best lesson! As I go through these lessons I have ideas floating in my mind. Potential greeting cards? Using the same technique of dry brushing and sea salt would make for beautiful backgrounds. 

So you ask, sea salt? Yes. Remember how cool it was to watch crayons melt? This is just as exciting! The process went like this: wet brushed the background excluding the bubbles. When the surface is still wet we added paint. Dabs here and there, overlapping, tilting the board so colors can run and so on. Once satisfaction was met we added little grains of sea salt to the wet surface. I let a few drops of water fall onto the paper as it slacked up and spread the colors. 

The start of a sunset. I'm in love with blue! You can see with the bubbles I tried to use blue any chance I got. You have to be fast with watercolor. I find myself starting to think too much that by the time I put paint down the paper is dry. Not good when your working with a wet surface. The paint doesn't move and gaps or rough edges will start to form. Also getting the right thickness of paint is important. You want to colors to be bright. The first go around I had really light colors that it took another layer to bring color to life. So far I think I'm on the right track. Must continue to learn and work watercolor speed. 


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