Thursday, October 1, 2015

Watercolor Week 4: More Sea Salt and Tulips

Week 4! Returned back to class to see how bright the background looked. I've learned that dry time is so important. You must be patient and let the piece dry before working on another part of your painting. Reason being, the colors will bleed into the first painted layer causing it to be ruined. On the other hand, you must work fast. If your wet brushing, it's important you get the color down before the surface drys. Work fast and slow, balance. 

The last class ended with having had the background finished and the bubbles were unpainted. We used the same wet brushing technique to fill the bubbles. I absolutely love the way the colors instantly blend together. It's like they were given the green light to run free. The first layer was light and so I worked in a few layers before walking away. The last part will be to clean up the edges and blend them into the background. I'm loving this piece so far! 

Second layer of the sunset. The colors are intensified and look a little better in the blending department. I didn't work much on this piece for week 4. 

The 3rd assignment was to draw and paint this beautiful tulip. I chose a light but bright background to balance out the color of the tulip. Decided to stick with the wet brush technique and the blending was a lot more easier with practice. It's so calming to sit and watch paint blend together. I'm always amazed at what paint can do and the direction it decides to flow. 

Once the colors were done mingling salt was added to the wet surface. This is where magic happens! I still can't get over this amazing technique! The photo below is the end result of what magic I'm talking about. It reminded me of a shower curtain or a silk scarve. So feminine and welcoming. I had no idea this was going to be the end result. Leaving class that day was like walking on clouds. So much ideas and motivation installed in me. 

And so the day ended with 3 beautiful unfinished pieces. Looking down at them has really opened a new door in my art world. I've come to understand and respect watercolor a lot more. 


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