Saturday, October 8, 2016

Painted Stories

Stories don't always need words. Some of the most beautiful stories I've read were through paintings. I recently took my sister with me to the bi-weekly Art Jam - meet up. She is currently taking a drawing class in college and I wanted to introduce her to our group. What I love about her is, she is open to trying new things. I knew she would enjoy the group and I prayed (quietly, inside. Lol) that she would have a blast and want to return for more.
My page is always blank when I walk in the door and I never know what the outcome will be. Ideas don't start falling until paint touches paper. I advised her to just go with the flow. If she wasn't feeling in the mood then jump to something else. I think she packed her homework just in case. We painted, chatted with everyone, and I didn't ask her billions of questions like I would normally do. My own page was filling and everything was flowing smooth.
Here is what we started and ended our fun night with. I love that there is no time limit for our meet ups. We stay until our eyes become heavy or in our case, adult the next day.

Once color comes knocking you can't shut the door and turn to black. Blue came running full force and I let it take control. I had some misc. scrapbook paper in my stash that worked out will for a boarder. The pink, green, and teal brought some real sunshine. Things flowed and I didn't stop it.

Sister went to town on her first art journal page! I love the flower and how she made it shine by adding blue rays. I'm not sure if she did this intentionally but either way, it came out awesome! This is exactly what I love about art. There is no right or wrong way. Mistakes are welcome and no one can tell you your art is not art. I hope she continues to share her stories through art.
Below is her finished page. My heart was doing a happy dance! She has no idea how much joy she has brought into my life.


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