Sunday, October 9, 2016



Twenty-four minutes each day. The minutes turn into hours, then days, and days into weeks. Habits are built one minute at a time. I celebrated 24 days of healthy eating and fitness with a paint party on my floor. This day was one to remember because I proved to myself that anything is possible if I put my mind to it. Why wait until tomorrow when whatever it is you want to start can begin now.

My art has expressed a lot of what is going on in my head. My emotions, challenges, and thoughts all spill out on each page one way or another. Their were times when I would block those feeling because I wanted to paint something "pretty." But as I learned, when you do, you don't create from your heart. The painting will be generic and I end up having no true bond with the piece. So why be fake? Art is an expression. Their is no reason to hide who you are. Some will understand and some will walk away. That is totally okay! What matters is you showed up each day for those minutes you set aside to create and finished.

Twenty-four. The minimum amount of minutes I have given myself each day. New habits end up being a way of living. Time is NOW!
Life Conditions = Blueprint (Tony Ribbins)

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