Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Embrace The Moment

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A warm January day, the first Monday of the new year. I found myself taking a detour to a nearby park. The Fall leaves blanketed the ground and new signs of life peeked through the rubbish. It felt so long ago that I stepped onto a trail. We survived a drought in our area and my heart filled with joy seeing everything come to life. It gave me time to embrace everything around me. The daily lives of the squirrels and birds went on right in front of my eyes as if I didn't exist. It was beautiful.

My mind was able to relax and my breathing slowed as I finally felt I could just be. It was one of those moments. The stress, questions and thoughts clouding my mind were magically put aside. That's what nature does. It gives you a new way of looking at the world we rush through every day. It centers you. 

Things work in mysterious ways. By taking that detour new things were discovered and my whole mood shifted. Instead of sitting on the bench, I crossed the bridge. At the end of the bridge were tall beautiful trees, large well lived tree trunks, a playground and a background filled with green. I've never knew the park extended this far! I discovered trails going to the left and right, interesting bbq grills and hexagon shaped picnic table. Pebbles and twigs left by another visitor. Perhaps they were gifts from a child to a loved one. Stories of which could be real or silly little stories made up on such discoveries. 

We rush to and from every day. We forget to slow down and when we do it's only to sleep. We live without living and realize when it's too late. I know this is true for myself. A whole year just swept on by. A whole year! 

As I sat on the log I told myself it's a new day to start. I'm grateful to be given this day. I'm ready. I'm determined. I want this. 

Bloom where you are planted.
Up close and personal with new growth.
We pass by beauty everyday without know it. We forget to look down and up.
A place to rest. A place to meditate. A place to observe.
Finding shape and found treasure on picnic tables.
Age at it's best.
A road without a bump (in this case, a big tree) in the road is not a path. Well in my book.

Embracing life

xo Starlynn

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