Sunday, October 4, 2015

Watercolor Week 6: The Last Day But Only The Beginning

 The last day of watercolor class has come. This post was meant for the end of summer but somehow was lost in the mess. 
Continuing with the last class meet up, I worked on the tulip and learned how to work in sections. It's important to plan out what areas need to be painted to avoid paints blending together. I loved how everything flowed. 
Each petal testing me and tried to outdo the other. One petal formed so easily while the other makes you want throw paint. Have you ever been in that situation? No one ever want to work together. But that's what I love about art. It always pushes you to the end. 
The stem was by far the hardest. As you can see it was not completed. I had to go back and erase all the paint that ad been laid down. It just wasn't working out. Tell me how you cope with getting through things like this? I had to step away because I feared that the paper would be overworked. Everything else around the stem looked so beautiful. 

The stem of the tulip was left to dry. I couldn't add another layer with all the frustration built up. 
Like in life, you sometimes need to just breathe. A good 10 minutes of fresh air and deep breathing does wonders.

The last assignment of our watercolor adventures. Drew up a toucan and added the first layers of paint. I haven't gone back to complete this painting. I'm excited to get back and finish it though.
This class was so much fun! I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm so happy that I decided to take the class. Our teacher was so patient and helpful with all the questions we asked. My fellow painters were the best!
Our little group stemmed from a bi-weekly art meet up. Slowly we grew into a large fun group of art loving people. Grateful for them all. I don't even want to think of where be without this group. 8 months ago I googled "art groups" in my area. I was lead to a local meet up group and with pushing the fear aside I signed up. I had no idea what would come but I was so excited. 
Have you ever met people or gone to a place and immediately felt at home? Your happy and feel safe? I felt exactly that when I went to the art studio. Everyone understood what I talked about. We could make corny art jokes or be "weird" and no one said a thing. By the time it ended I was filled with energy, positivity, motivation and a comfor of being home. I knew this place was where I was suppose to be.
The months have quickly passed on by and I have continued with the art meet ups. I'm pretty sure I won't be leaving them anytime soon. They motivate me. They inspire. They accept. 


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