Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Story Captured

This post is a bit different from everything I've posted. I would like to introduce you to an amazing talented and good friend of mine, Jon Ayon. I was asked by Jon if I would be apart of his next film project. The subject: running and art. Of course I wanted to be apart of the awesome crazy idea he had brewing. He is an amazing film artist and a true artist in all that he does. I've seen him showcase his first film Pega (2014) at the CCSF Film Festival. It was one of the most amazing heart touching short films I had seen and everyone agreed. Little did he know he would end the night with winning Best Film. Since then I've seen his work grow and although he's quiet about sharing he does deserve to be seen and heard.
Making the film was something I'll never forget. I got a small (grain size) taste of what it's like to be behind the camera and all the hard work that goes into producing a film. Believe me I was so nervous before we even started. Knowing that this was going to be done in my natural element let me settle the nerves and just be me.
We woke up early on filming day to get the most beautiful shots of the sunrise. The morning was spent doing retakes, laughing, talking about art and all the great things life has to offer. There is something truly magical about seeing a sun rise. It's even more precious viewing it surrounded by mother earth, the trees, birds, crisp air and dirt. This film is a little story about running and how it's been a huge part of my life. Without art I cannot see the beauty in running, without running I cannot see the beauty in art. It is my meditation, it's what grounds me, it's who I am.
I am so grateful to have a friend whom I call my brother in my life. Jon not only inspires me but challenges me to be the artist I want to be. I'm so proud of his work!

Now let me introduce Mr. Jon Ayon's latest film: Nahongvita

Great friends are those that inspire, challenge and motivate you. All are doing what they love (film producer, artist, musician/coder/traveler, personal trainer, small business) and sharing with the world. We may not talk all the time but when we do their learning something new or going new places and reaching new growths. Their excitement and happiness is heard and seen. How can you not be energized by that?! Whether it's in the current field or a whole new subject, they are sitting in the student chair. Having that energy around me is so (let me emphasize, very) important. It has uplifted me in days I didn't want to create. It opened my eyes. 
They got wings, I got wings, we all got wings. So why don't I use them? 


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