Friday, January 22, 2016

Be Free

Be Free
Create what makes your heart sing.

Last night I decided to go a different route for my journal spread. As you've seen before, I usually only work with paint, watercolor crayons, misc. paper scraps and occasional stamps. When I first started art journaling I used magazines as inspiration and often build collages from them. Over the years my choice of magazines started to decrease and I found myself painting more then anything. 
Both forms of art journaling (mixed media and painting) have been therapeutic during the right times in my life. Mix media was my go to and I remember always cutting out words and patterns. Once I learned that stencils could produce those same patterns I ditched the paper. Painting is pretty powerful. It tugs and pulls at all the emotions and brings awareness to the present moment. I have found it's a great way to express who I am. 

My journal spread was inspired by Journal Girl (Samie Harding) and her amazing journal pages. She always has the brightest pages and has figured out how to incorporate black paint into her art so beautifully. The art studio has a good stack of magazines that we can use. So I took to the stack and picked out a fashion magazine. Instead of drawing a face I figured I find one and make her my own. As you can see above, I chose a very neutral look. Found some necklaces and bracelets to dress up the page and added texture.
The background wasn't thought out prior to picking the photos. It's always more fun to be free and let the page take control. It's good to mix things up every once in a while. 
Creating this page was a lot of fun and refreshing. I've also been challenging myself to use the zip-lock bag full of scrap paper that magically (ok, paper hoarder...just a bit. haha) ended up in my art bag. So far I'm doing good not adding more paper to the bag. There are so many ways to art journal and this is one that I'll continue to incorporate into my book. 
If you haven't tried art journaling, I highly suggest you do. You don't need a whole cart of supplies to get started. I"ll be happy to share some of the basics I started with and use.  

The necklace and ring made up her headband. To add color to her face and hair I used watercolor crayons and outlined with a black PITT pen. 

Layers of paint, stencils, paper and magazine clippings build up a colorful background. All full of life and positive energy.

At the end she became who she wanted to be. 
A loving, free spirited, kind hearted woman.
She followed her heart.


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