Thursday, October 9, 2014

Art Journal Wisdom - Morning Pages And Experimenting

Day 6: Morning Pages

Late last spring I dove into writing Morning Pages as one of The Artist Date adventures. Every morning for 16 weeks I sat with tea/coffee and wrote 3 pages of anything and everything that came to mind. It was so relieving and kept me focused on my daily routine. Then one day it all stopped.
Fast forward to today, I'm not writing 3 pages but at a minimum, a page each day. Skipping from journal to journal or a random piece of paper that eventually gets torn up and thrown away. Writing has helped me cope with many issues I dealt with. When I realized that our focus for Day 6 was Morning pages I instantly remember how good it 
made me feel. 
My post for Day 6 was sunny and bright. I etched into the paint to make lines for the journal entry of the day. A mandala of some sort appeared as I tried to figure out what to draw in the empty space. Simple and eye catching. 

Day 7: Experimenting

The biggest challenge so far! The fear of black paint. Yes, I avoid using black paint in a lot of my paintings because it can be unforgiving and brutally stubborn. Instead of black paint I'll use deep purple or blue. Funny how that works. 
Today I took Connie's (Dirty Footprints Studio) advice. Grabbed the black paint, loaded my brush and closed my eyes. The brush was in full control and my eyes were kept from seeing the damage done. I even blocked the page with my hands as I reloaded my brush. Silly I know but the fear of seeing black covering a beautiful painting would make me panic.
When all was done I stood up and walked away letting it sink in. What do I do next? How do I "fix" this? Will it turn to mud? All these thoughts rushed my mind. I took a deep breath and told myself, it's okay. The bright colors made it's way through, mixing with black and balancing one another out. A beautiful girl with bold facial features surrounded by craziness. Her brave bold eyes, facing the overwhelming city but yet still knows how to remain calm.

When you learn to let go, face your fears and trust your brush.

The aftermath of letting a brush filled with black paint take over. 

A slight smile.
Comfortable in her own skin.
She is fearless. 


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