Saturday, October 4, 2014

Art Journaling With Oil Pastels

The finished piece to fulfill Day 3 of Art Journal Wisdom. This was a bit challenging because I haven't worked with oil pastels in a very long time. They can be messy and the ones I own are from an artist set given to me many moons ago. They work perfectly fine! The second challenge was getting her face proportion and her nose to look like a nose. Progress is being made and she turned out beautiful. I felt a wave of emotions while working with her. The start to finish, the layers, frustration, calmness and freedom.  She has wings to fly to a dream island or anyplace that makes her happy. She's not sad, she's content. I really enjoyed working on this page spread. Art journaling has given me the wings to open up emotionally and explore with different mediums

The start of what took to believing in myself that I have the tools to create something beautiful. A reminder that patience and practice will get us far in life.

Working with blending color.

Miss Fairy
She's free and at peace. 
Surrounded by water and a beautiful sunset.


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