Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Just The Basics

A whole week of great things has gone on. I can honestly say it has been one of the best weeks I've had in a very long time. The richness of friendship, seeing the gift of life, the mountains I can climb and the beauty in just the basics. Time has been so precious! So with that being said let me take you on a rewind of the last week of my art world.

The start of Art Journal Wisdom with Dirty Footprints Studio (Connie H.) was a restart of what I lost in the last month. The freedom to paint what ever my heart desired! Don't you just love that feeling of not doing what "corporate America" taught us to be like? I mean, it's just oh so amazing to do what you truly love. For me, that's art. It's Day 10 of the workshop and have to say I feel much more alive and in tune with my creativity. The amount of amazing works of art that I have seen over the days has been so inspiring. I love the strong support that the class has shown. 

Day 1: Gather up the supplies! I think I heard the brushes and paint scream tears of joy. It's always a great excuse to go shopping for a new art journal too. Paper weight, texture and size are what attract me to sketch books and found one that suited me well. If you are in need of a sketchbook, you can find the one seen above at your local Barnes & Nobel. 
You'll be amazed at what you can do with the basics. Think about life, how have you survived off the basics? As an artist, what have you created with the basics? How has it enriched your life? Creating with what I have has allowed me to use my imagination, to try new things. Simple yet challenging.
Supplies: Liquitex Basics Acrylic Paint, Craft Acrylic Paint (Martha Stewart, Craft Smart, Americana), Liquitex Gesso, Paint Brushes, PITT Pens, Sketchbook, Stencils (optional) water can and a cup of joe.

Bright and crazy!

Layers and texture

Day 2: Things got a bit wild! Ok, maybe not too wild but I did have a lot of fun. It's all about making mistakes, testing out new colors and not being afraid. The plan...well there was no plan. The blank page can be intimidating so I usually start throwing down paint before getting trapped in the Twilight Zone. I picked out some fun bright colors and plopped myself on the balcony and let the paint flow. An hour later I had a page filled with layers upon layers, stories building in every direction. It felt so good! 

(Craft Acrylic Paint)

(Liquitex Basics Acrylic Paint)

Day 3: I ended up painting two full page spreads. The first being Spring/Easter filled colors to the second being Fall(ish)...yes, deep warm pumpkin spice. My focus was the word "fall" and what it meant. Fall as in the season and fall as in falling/failing. Something inside of me was itching to paint leaves. The second day of Fall was settling in. I also used two different types of acrylic paint. The first being basic craft paint that is very inexpensive and the other was Liquitex Basics. The latter flows much more better and has the ability to blend much more easier. It's all about trial and error, in art and life.

Leaves organically torn from old dictionary after writing over expressing failures. Layers of paint covering a journal entry. "What Matters Is That We Get Back Up" 
xoxo Starlynn

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