Thursday, October 16, 2014

Art Journal Wisdom: Flow & Love

Day 8: Flow

Finding your flow...settling down with a blank page, Norah Jones playing in the background and no plan. A mixture of yellow, orange and blue quickly covered the white paper. I felt rushed, unsatisfied and in no control. That's the worst feeling...frustration builds and every mark you make doesn't connect to another. I had to walk away and take a new approach to the page. 
Second go around introduced brown, mustard and more orange. Then came the eyes...big and bold. The hair or hat of some sort appeared at the top. I couldn't get myself to look away from this sacred beings eyes. Never have I felt so scared of what I had painted. We looked at one another...what did this mean? Where did he/she come from? Things appear when you are in this magical place of flow. Great things can happen and even some are life changing. The third time and 100 layers (exaggerating just a bit) later came beautiful petals and circles representing rain. Life. The layers peeked through the raindrops, the petals embrace what was. I was no longer unsatisfied.

 Flow is finding that comfy spot on the floor or at your craft table. Your music blasting or you simply sitting in silence. It may even be placing yourself in a locked room with no distractions for a set amount of time. Flow is trusting your brush, heart and soul. 


Day 9: Love

I have this saying that I picked up earlier this year. “Do what you love, love what you do.” Think about it…what do you love doing? What are you truly passionate about? How has embracing what you love doing changed your life? I know one thing for sure, it has brought me here to the blogger world. It has made me care less about material things and focus on the simplicity. It's kept me sheltered most days and out of the "boring" club. The year is not up but I can say doing what I love has changed everything I've done this year.
Today's page spread started as first crush hearts scribbled over a white page. Yes, very cliche. I've incorporated movement and connection into my art journaling process. I tend to look for images or ways to block off areas to paint. To my surprise I noticed a dove like figure appear on the right side. Then came the bird and hills. Dabs of left over paint turned into Dr. Seuss trees. "Oh the place we go!" The hearts peeked through, a coffee sleeve served as a stamp and doodles made their way on the bird. The urge to journal was there but I liked how beautiful everything looked. 
I love the simplicity! 

Dr. Seuss inspired trees. Coffee sleeve stamp and simple doodles.

xo Starlynn

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