Thursday, October 9, 2014

Love Boat

Ohhh love boat...where did you come from?
Late nights with soft music, my art journal and phone far far away have been my little routine this week. It's a time to let go and calm down after a days events. I'm a day from finishing Art Journal Wisdom ( few days behind!) and found that pairing up blogging and art journaling has been a good cup of tea. I'm coming back for more each day! 

Last night I had an interesting painting session that hit some nerves and left me with a pallet full of paint. My big no no is wasting paint. In my mind I was going to use the remaining paint to prep a page for today. As I grabbed paint with my fingers I had this urge to paint water. The flow of gesso and paint together made smooth water like marks. Two things entered my mind. 1. Let it dry overnight and get some rest. 2. There lies layers and layers of paint and if you act quick you can build texture! Yes, I grabbed a mechanical pencil as an etching tool and dug in. A boat appeared, then waves and a moon...Love. I literally giggled at what had happened. The first layers of paint peeked through as I etched into the paint. Texture! OMG! I love texture! I stared at what was before me. A love boat. Created from nothing and turned into something.

I walked away with a heart full of love and happiness. My night was complete.


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